Doctor Richmond

If you are reading this it is quite likely that it is because you are in the process of finding a doctor in Richmond. There are many articles online that tell you all about what a good doctor should be, but have you stopped to ask yourself what qualities can tell you that a doctor is no good? It is important to identify both sides of the equation – it helps you to do a more comprehensive search so that you can find the best professional to take care of your health.
The first thing that tells you that a doctor cannot be trusted if they advertise. A good doctor doesn’t need to advertise his services – referrals and word of mouth is what helps attract patients. If you see a doctor on a billboard, or in a advert in a newspaper or magazine you should not book an appointment with them.
A good doctor is quite open about where they trained. They hang their credentials proudly on their office for all to see and they will also put up any additional certificates showing qualifications that they received after they completed medical school. They are happy to tell their patients about their training and what makes them uniquely qualified to provide treatment. If you get the feeling that a doctor is being cagey about where he trained it may be that he doesn’t have the proper training.
Good doctors are also good communicators. Before your tests you should talk to the doctor and find out how well he communicates; does he listen to you, does he talk in a language that you can understand, does he provide useful information about your health? Make sure that you feel comfortable talking to them about your health problems.
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