Teeth Whitening Richmond

Our teeth change every year due to several reasons. The first is age – when you are in your teens, twenties and even thirties your teeth will be a pearly white but when you turn 40 you will notice that they take on a tinge. What you eat and drink will also affect the colour of your teeth. People who drink a lot of red wine, or coffee, for example, tend to have teeth that are yellower than people who don’t. Hence the need for teeth whitening services in Richmond. There are many ways you can whiten your teeth – you only need to look online and you will see lots of suggested methods.
What you may not realize is that a lot of these DIY tips and tricks can do more harm than good. Many will suggest chemical combinations and over the counter kits that can irritate the gums and cause sensitivity in teeth. Some people have been known to whiten their teeth so much that they become an opaque colour.
If you don’t want to take any risks with your pearly whites your best bet is a teeth whitening Richmond dentist. There are many dentists in the area and settling on one may not be easy but you need to be looking for one who is trained in cosmetic surgery and who has a reputation for getting spectacular results.
The first thing they will do is look at your dental history to determine whether your teeth are safe for whitening. If you have had procedures done in the past you may not be a good candidate because the chemicals used for whitening can cause sensitivity. You will then discuss the kind of results you would like to achieve by looking at photos. You should be careful not to choose a shade that is too white as it will look unnatural. Make sure to listen to the advice of your dentist when it comes to what your new shade should be.
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